ACL Prevention Training

Chuck Bagwell, DPT

Andrew Hawkins, DPT, ATC, OCS

Briana Mosier, DPT, CSCS

Evidence based screening and injury prevention training-

All through the guidance of a licensed Physical therapist

* Identify areas of weakness and improper movement

* Increase strength, power, and balance

* Reduce risk of ACL injury up to 60% through training**


$40: One time group injury screen,$20 per class

$100: 10 sessions with group injury screen included

$85: Individualized injury screen and exercise prescription

CALL 714.693.0460 (ask for Andrew) for more information or  SIGN UP NOW!  

**Based on a 2015 study by Taylor et al. in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.


I hope you don't need to PT, but if you do, consider Chuck. For a repeat offender of a gruesome injury, I have some comparisons I can make. I was expecting archaic and abusive. Instead, I received educated and understanding. Very thankful for the care I received and have overwhelmingly positive things to say about the energetic staff. May they never forget how important they are to the people they serve. Thank you!