The Technology
Portable Biosway

The Biodex Balance System SD is a sophisticated measuring and training device for static and dynamic balance testing and training.  The system measures vertical ground reaction forces produced by an athlete’s center of pressure.  The mCTSIB performed on the Balance System SD is designed to systematically test the sensory selection process by compromising available somatosensory, visual, and vestibular senses while measuring an athlete’s ability to minimize postural sway. The test provides a generalized assessment of how well an athlete can integrate various senses with respect to balance, and compensate when one or more of those senses are compromised.”


Concussion Assessment:


“The Biodex Balance Assessment Program for Concussion Management adds an objective neurophysical component that gives clinicians the ability to quantify the elements of balance before and after an injury occurs. Using the Clinical Test of Sensory Integration of Balance (mCTSIB), Biodex Balance Assessment can independently test all three sensory feedback systems (visual, vestibular and somatosensory). The objective data provided by the Biodex Balance Assessment tool provides a performance baseline against which post-injury performance can be compared.”



Balance Classes/Fall Risk Assessment:

“Reduce falls and improve balance. Falls are one of the greatest causes of serious health problems among older adults. Biodex has established a Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning protocol that allows residents to enter a program with normative data-driven goals. The easy to understand feedback keeps people motivated to improve their results. Modifying the factors that lead to falls will increase mobility and confidence, both critical to maintaining personal independence.

The Biodex Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program is based on well established science and uses technology to create an objective and efficient program.

The program is a simple combination of risk factor screening including analytical balance testing in conjunction with universally accepted normative data and medical protocols. Intervention is supported by patient education and exercise plans.”



I've been coming here prior to my knee replacement on the advice of my Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mayo to strengthen myself as to have a better recovery. The therapists and the entire staff are the best. Each one has your interest at heart. They listen and care about you as an individual. Thank you Chuck Bagwell for all that you do and all that you offer.