Do I need a referral from a doctor?

Typically, yes. According to California state law, a physician’s referral is required for our therapists to treat you and bill your insurance. Once you are referred to physical therapy, the referral will expire 30 days from the date it was given. Make an appointment as soon as you can so that no time is lost in your recovery process. We also treat patients on a cash payment basis, which does not require a doctor’s referral. If you are interested in paying cash for your visits, please give us a call to discuss rates and payment plans.


I hope you don't need to PT, but if you do, consider Chuck. For a repeat offender of a gruesome injury, I have some comparisons I can make. I was expecting archaic and abusive. Instead, I received educated and understanding. Very thankful for the care I received and have overwhelmingly positive things to say about the energetic staff. May they never forget how important they are to the people they serve. Thank you!