Do you know my doctor?

Throughout your time here at California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy, we will be in close communication with your referring physician. As you progress, we will be sending your doctor detailed progress reports with important indications of improvement pertaining to your distinct condition. It’s very important that you let us know when you will be seeing your doctor so we can give your physician an up to date progress report in preparation for your visit.


California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy in Yorba Linda is the best physical therapy provider I have ever experienced. I state this with a fair level of authority after years of dealing with Scoliosis and a major spine surgery. Prior to finding California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy in 2008, I tried many providers and there is simply no comparison.

Thank goodness for their excellent care. They really make a difference in my life and the lives of many others. And, it is always a fun environment too!