MELT- Soft Roller Combo

Learn how to  strengthen your core and  increase flexibility with Melt Method, a unique  technique that re-hydrates the connective tissue,  relieves chronic pain, aches and  pains caused  by  low back, neck issues, arthritis, repetitive movements and sports injuries.

We will supply the Hand and Foot balls, as well as the Melt soft foam roller.

Participants must be able to get up and down from floor unaided, during class.

Please bring a Pilates or yoga mat, water and wear comfortable fitness clothing


Tuesday Class 12pm-1pm

Instructor: Marsha Kramer, ATC, PMA-CPT

Single Session: $30

8- pack: $200



I hope you don't need to PT, but if you do, consider Chuck. For a repeat offender of a gruesome injury, I have some comparisons I can make. I was expecting archaic and abusive. Instead, I received educated and understanding. Very thankful for the care I received and have overwhelmingly positive things to say about the energetic staff. May they never forget how important they are to the people they serve. Thank you!