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“Suspension exercises demand core strength, muscle stability, and precise movement control in the unsteady ropes. This “proprioceptively enriched” environment stimulates your neromuscular system to recover fast from injuries relieve pain and enhance performance.

Redcord takes suspension exercises to the next level. Developed by Physical Therapists for 25 years, Redcord offers the most comprehensive collection of suspension exercise equipment and training programs available in the industry.

Redcord introduces the use of bungee cords to assist you while exercising. This unique “off-loading” feature allows you to precisely adjust the amount of resistance and instability applied during each suspension exercise.”

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Single Session: $15

10-pack: $100



My sonsĀ 1st run in 10 weeks thanks to the AlterG treadmill and California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy! Healing his hip stress fracture has felt like an eternity to this boy!